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Written and Directed by Jorge Joseph Harrington
Starring Jordan Gore and Scott Beals
Produced by ABC Professionals, LLC. in fiscal partnership with From The Heart Foundation.

 Synopsis: Based on the true life of Samuel Hatton, an inmate that stayed at the Idaho Penitentiary. This man was so bad, they gave him his own floor and fed him a bread and water diet, until his death at the hands of a guard named, French. Based on true events.

Time:  101 Minute Feature Film

How you can help:

We need your help to fill in the gaps in our budget.  Through your generous donations, we can bring art and opportunity to the local community as well as the international community.   Through our films, we provide opportunities for beginnings as well as seasoned film veterans to create something worthwhile and have fun doing it.  Our team recently had a film premiere at the most prestigious film festival in the world, the "Cannes Film Festival" in France. With your help in funding we will create more opportunities for growth and exposure for artists of every genre.  Please donate.

Pre-Production Budget:  $8000
Production Budget:  $26,000
Post-production Budget:  $14,000
Marketing & Distribution Budget:  $23,000
Total Budget:  $71,000

How to get a tax-write-off for your donation:
We have fiscal sponsorship through "From The Heart Foundation".  From the Heart is a 501C3 non-profit foundation that provides funding and a donation path for charitable contributions.  When you donate you receive 100% tax write-off status for your donation for any amount.  You will receive all the proper documentation to reflect your contribution on your taxes.

You're not just giving, you're getting also!

$25 donation:  You get our undying thanks and love.  We appreciate you helping us!

$50 donation:  You get the write-off, plus, your name and Special Thanks in the film's credits!  Of course, we still give you our undying love!

$100 donation:  The cast & crew autographed copy of the script.   tax write-off, Special Thanks in the film credits

$250 donation:  

$500 donation:  

$1000 donation:

$2500 donation:

$5000 donation:

$25,000 donation:  You are an associate producer!  You get IMDB credit, tax write-off, autographed scripts, 

Any Donation over 100,000: Makes you an Executive Producer on the film's sequel feature film, Gives you the Tax Write-Off, Executive Producer IMDB, and a signed copy of the Script by the cast and crew.