ABC Professionals, LLC.

Where others have limitations, we have innovations.

ABC Professionals, LLC. is an innovative digital virtual solutions company providing products and services for numerous markets answering the question of “how to…..” “where to…” and delivering results in whatever arena is needed for businesses and individuals. We apply a personal touch to everything we do. We strive to deliver on our promises in a timely manner to exceed expectations of clients. We use and create tools, made by wizardry, that solve problems by morphing those tools into more than they were originally designed for. Through this process clients are astounded at what can be done and are pleasantly surprised that it works. We have wizards who do magic virtually.

Our Properties

The world’s very first hybrid virtual television network combining video-on-demand with live stream virtual and physical production worldwide. We host our own content delivery network and restream to unlimited destinations without requiring any outside services to do so. Everything we offer is created and hosted in-house. We are the production creative arm of the ABC Professionals family of products and services. When you need production for your virtual/physical offerings, we get it done, every time.

Photos, Slides, Films, Journals, Books, Paintings and more!

Pack Them Up, Send Them To Us, We'll Scan Them, And Send Them Back With Digital Files, And A Slideshow!

You have so many precious family photos piled up in storage, closets collecting dust... those need to get into your family history portfolios online. Your families entire legacy is captured in those photos sitting in those boxes. Using our service, you now have a guaranteed safe, secure, and family friendly way to get all those photos scanned, digitized, and organized into a format that will last forever.


You have family and friends far away.

We live stream, document, record and save your loved ones final memory for generations to come and you get copies of everything to keep forever.

To accomplish this we create unique multi-camera live streams filled with live remote cameras plus photo slideshows of your loved ones, music, video clips and live video calls all in real-time on a secure password protected website so families can share together without interruption from external actors.

Virtual funeral services can delivered worldwide spanning culture, demographics and international borders. Families can come together no matter where they are and share in the memorial of their loved ones virtually while saving money on travel and time.

Peaceful Purpose, a FREE virtual venue for faith-based organizations to share, live stream, post videos, etc.
AV Nerdz
Audio-Video wizards. Installation of custom audio and video systems
Arena-class DJ service
Moments that matter
A Live stream show on topics that matter
A place where you can host meetings, live events and share, virtually, with everybody using a simple interface, HD quality video, screen sharing, live real-time interactions with as many people as you want.
Fully customizable virtual event venue. From login to audience participation your entire event experience can be customized to fit your needs. Virtual is actually socialable now! Polls, Chat, Resource Libraries, Video Galleries, LIVE rooms, breakout rooms, networking, realtime statistics on users and site behavior for your continuing education needs. A virtual event venue that gives you just what you need, when you need it, just how you need it.
Virtual Event creators, organizers, promoters and solution providers. You can stop searching for solutions now :)
Birthday parties, family reunions, class reunions, art tours, retirement parties and more can all be done virtually now. We make everything possible, you have fun!
Tradeshow TV
Virtual Tradeshows from your couch at home! Tune in while we do the walking booth to booth covering shows virtually. Ask questions, get answers live on Tradeshow TV
Hometown TV
People talking about their businesses, their companies and their town and helping expand tourism and pride in their community.
Shaping Success
Success is defined by you, the individual. Success is whatever you decide it is. It's about truly being happy with who you are and what you do. Each guest has an inspirational story that paints a picture of how they define their successes and how they created them. Join the Shaping Success LIVE show every week as we discover what shapes success!
The Valerie King Show
Business is always personal...and that's a good thing! Join The Valerie King Show as Valerie gets the nitty gritty, makes friends and creates relationships with people who find ways to turn lemons into lemonade

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